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Don’t Get Caught In A Search Engine Rut

Our daily use of the same search engines may seems trivial but in reality it hurts not only our business it hurts our customers as well. Each search engine has a series of algorithms that favor some website while excluding others, this favoritism may be deliberate, it may be the result of lack of space on a search result page or the preference may be based on nothing more than an overly complicated algorithm. Whatever the reason a search engine has for its bias the end result may be that you, your business and your customers are not getting the results they need or want. Continue reading

Step Up The Quality of Your Content Creation

Things Change and Creating Content and SEO are not Immune

    1. It used to be we would try to get all our back links built around a couple of keywords so we could dominate search results for those keywords. And if you are still doing that now it’s time to change your tactics. The gold standard is having links pointing back to your website composed of longer phrases that likely occur in everyday speech and writing.Example: Businesses formerly used keywords of one or two words such as Ice Cream, Ice Cream Vendor or Frozen Desserts as anchors for backlinks. Now you want those words as part of a longer sentence where 5 or 6 words are part of the actual link such as, Every summer there is a rush at the local corner stores for premium ice cream. This is more natural and offers an easy way to incorporate variety into your linking campaign. People and Search engines will more easily understand the meaning of the link.


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    For many brands, social media ‘conversations’ are only whispers | VentureBeat | Social | by Barry Levine

    In the years since it entered marketers’ radar screens, social
    media marketing has often been described as conducting

    But the facts just don’t bear that out.

    The dominant setting for social media is Facebook, made king by
    its nearly 1.25 billion members worldwide. But are brands
    having conversations there with fans?

    “Any marketers who believe they’re having a conversation [with
    brand’s fans on Facebook] are delusional,” Forrester Research
    VP/analyst Nate Elliot recently told VentureBeat.

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    Grab Peoples Attention Headline Tips

    From time to time we all smash our head against the desk or maybe the keyboard wondering why our posts aren’t read by more people. In our quest to create a headline that will grab a readers attention we often end up create the dreaded “informative” headline that states the facts and leaves the excitement somewhere out on Route 66. Why does this happen so often and why is it so hard to create an engaging headline?

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    Live Your Brand the Way Your Customers Do


    I came across this interview with Brian Solis recently and I want to share it with everyone and anyone who may happen upon this blog. What struck me most among a lot of good food for thought was in the last paragraph Solis quotes Tolstoy,

    “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

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